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Here is our beginners strategy guide to Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a sweet role-playing game by Devsisters Corporation.In the game, you rebuild a once glorious cookie kingdom to its peak.Battle with various evil dessert monsters and build up your sugary dream kingdom.Cookie Run: Kingdom is available on both Google Play and the App Store for free.

Whether it’s kingdom management or making sure your Cookies are as tough as they can possibly be, there’s going to be something in these hints, tips and cheats that’s going to push you in the right direction.

This is a brilliant game with plenty of secrets to discover, and we’re only too pleased to try and help you out with finding some of them. Without further ado then, here’s our beginner’s strategy guide to Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Just go and complete the first episode to unlock it.
Besides the Cookie Castle, other important structures are the Lumberjack’s Lodge needed for roll cake wood material, Smithy for robust axes, tempered pickaxes, and more, the Jellybean Farm for jellybeans, sugar quarry: production for sugar cubes, and more.

Therefore, you should upgrade them all as best as you can for greater and faster production.

In-game resources
Cookie Run: Kingdom’s resource system requires you to craft certain resources using other more basic resources.

For example, your lumberjack’s lodge is at level 1, but for it to be leveled up, you will need to have roll cake wood that it produces and tempered pickaxes (available for construction only after your Smithy reaches level 2) from the Smithy.

And the further you go, the longer this chain goes on.Therefore be strategic on your upgrades and resource farming.

Beef up your Cookies’ skills
Don’t forget to use your Skill Powders to improve your Cookies’ moves. There are specific powders for each skill, so make sure you’re spending them on the Cookies that you use most. The more powerful you can make your Cookies, the more likely you are to win.

Add Cookie toppings
You can use Cookie toppings to augment the stats of your Cookies. These are a great way to take a strong team and make it even stronger. Think about which toppings best suit your style of play and use them wisely.

Complete daily bounties
Daily bounties are monsters you need to catch on a given day. You can complete three of them in a 24 hour period and they give you great rewards – including the Skill Powders you need to make your Cookies even stronger.

If one thing’s for certain in this game is that you’ll need tons of materials at all times. Especially at the beginning, you’ll need lots of Cake Wood to construct your first few buildings. And while you can farm a few materials by completing stages, you can also build structures that can produce these materials by paying gold.To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can Buy Cheap Cookie Run Kingdom Crystals from our list of reputable sellers here at in a safe secure environment and at cheap rates.

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