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How to Complete the Rulebreakers SBC Nicolo Zaniolo FIFA 22

In addition to a new Team of the Week and Silver Stars challenge, EA Sports and the FIFA 22 team released a new SBC on November 10. This one is for the Rulebreakers promo, as users can acquire an 85 OVR attacking midfielder item of Roma FC’s Nicolo Zaniolo.

Rulebreakers is coming to an end and it seems Zaniolo will be the last piece of content released. It might even go unnoticed to many players considering Team of the Week 8 features Neymar Jr. and EA Sports revealed the Numbers Up promotion. EA Sports has released multiple midfielders as SBCs during the promotion, so some might be hesitant to complete Zaniolo.

FIFA 22 Rulebreakers SBC: Nicolò Zaniolo Start & Expiry Date
FIFA 22 isn't done with Rulebreakers just yet, and the latest SBC bring in a new powerful card for Nicolò Zaniolo.

You won't have forever, so make sure to take this one on before the one week window expires and your shot at Zaniolo disappears.

Start Date: Wednesday, 10 November at 6pm GMT
Expiry Date: Wednesday, 17 November at 6pm GMT

Nicolo Zaniolo FIFA 22: How to Complete the Rulebreakers SBC

    Roma Fc players: Min 1
    TOTW player: Min 1
    Overall team rating: Min 83
    Collective: Min 80
    Number of players in the team: Min 11

Rewards: Small Gold Player Pack


    ITALY players: Minimum 1
    General team note: Min 84
    Collective: Min 75
    Number of players in the team: Min 11

Rewards: Electrum Player Small Pack

Rulebreakers Zaniolo is coming in around 50,000 coins to complete from scratch. It will likely come down a little bit as well. On the face, Zaniolo looks like a great card. Unfortunately, he's only 85 rated so completing this card and using him as fodder later on doesn't seem like a viable reason.

Here’s a look at potential solutions:
Roma FC

    ST: ST Edin Dzeko (83 OVR)
    LW: LM Robin Gosens (83 OVR)
    RW: RW Ferran Torres (82 OVR)
    LCM: CM Arthur (83 OVR)
    MCM: CM Christian Eriksen (82 OVR)
    RCM: CDM Tomas Soucek (82 OVR)
    LB: LB Alex Sandro (83 OVR)
    LCB: CB Francesco Acerbi (83 OVR)
    RCB: CB Joel Matip (83 OVR)
    RB: TOTW CDM Declan Rice (84 OVR)
    GK: GK Rui Patricio (82 OVR)

National Duty

    ST: ST Iago Aspas (84 OVR)
    LCAM: CAM Nabil Fekir (84 OVR)
    MCAM: CM Sergio Canales (83 OVR)
    RCAM: CM Nicolo Barella (84 OVR)
    LCDM: CDM Fernando Reges (84 OVR)
    RCDM: CM Mikel Merino (83 OVR)
    LB: LB Marcos Acuna (84 OVR)
    LCB: CB David Alaba (84 OVR)
    RCB: CB Felipe (84 OVR)
    RB: RB Jesus Navas (84 OVR)
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