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The most awesome installment in the EA FIFA series ever - FIFA 15

It’s time to start gearing up for the FIFA season again, and what’s shaping up to be the most awesome installment in the EA FIFA series ever, FIFA 15! FIFA 15 releases on September 23rd in North America and September 25th in Europe, so there is still time to buy FIFA 15. You may not want to wait to order FIFA 15, however. Preordering comes with some awesome bonuses!

FIFA has long had more than eight directions of movement, but the from-the-stands camera angle has the effect of foreshortening the width of the pitch, making it harder to judge distances, and impossible to see who might be lurking thirty feet ahead of you and just a little off screen. In this instance, computer-assisted passing becomes a necessity to all FIFA players except perhaps the savants.

There was initially some trepidation about how often players miss basic targets and overrun the ball, and for the first time you really, and I mean really, need to adapt your play when it’s raining. Wet weather matches used to make it easier to slip past defenders, but now all players struggle with the slippery conditions, none more noticeable than the overhauled goalkeepers.

When it comes to making your football look “classy” there are different options; however, those options are sort of limited as far as I have been able to find. You can protect the ball, you can do some tricks with it -mostly in order to leave your rivals behind- but that’s about it. I can count about 6 different moves, that’s it.

Unfortunately, this was really all we got to experience regarding real positive changes. Little things like the wear and tear on the field due to player movement and sliding tackles, the corner flag's new physics and shirt pulling don't do too much to the overall feel of game, although it seems more realistic for a spectator. We can only speak for ourselves, but we can't remember anyone wanting to watch us play FIFA. Obviously, this doesn’t always work in reality, nor does it work all the time in the game, none the less with the pitch being wider and the passing being even more precise it allows me to play my own game.

But I won’t talk too much about each particular game mode, because these have been on the games for a while now, and you probably already know about them -or at least have a slight idea about what they are all about-; instead, I will focus on playability, graphics, performance and other details.

The lowest online review score came from Mr. Pinkerton of Metro. He rated the game a seven overall. While I'll concede Mr. Pinkerton has likely played and watched more world football in a year than I have in a lifetime, a seven seems severe for a game that looks this good, and is simply fun to play.

Final note: if you want fun, choose opening packs. If you want success, avoid them, unless you don’t care about spending real money. In that case, EA Sports will thank you.

Context-sensitive team AI

This same idea applies from the opening kickoff of certain matches, too. You might be involved in a two-legged match, with the first leg ending 3-0 to the CPU. In this situation you can be fairly safe in predicting that they’re going to ‘park the bus’ and defend their lead. It’s up to you to work out how to beat such tactics.

Player Growth

Now there were a number of issues with player growth last year, some bug related and others design. But EA have chosen to target this area as it’s absolutely fundamental to long term success when it comes to Career Mode.

Smarter players

Don’t think that improvements to tackling results in fewer scoring chances. In the line with the changes to a team’s overall AI approach, individual players are being tweaked to allow them to more intelligently find space and time their runs to match the flow of play.
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